To achieve the foundation's goals, the first step was to create a video showcasing life events and journey of 1st Lt. Travis Manion emphasizing the importance of living life with code of ethics and characteristics. This would be played in schools and shown to kids in the hopes of building a better future generation.
design rationale
Keeping the target audience in mind, we had design it in a way that would be a balance between artistic and serious look. Something that would excite kids to watch but also not come across as a straight up Disney style cartoon. But as the old saying goes, the solution lies in the problem itself and we did just that. We incorporated more of Sharp edges and minimalism in our style inspired by the logo instead of going with a well-defined look. The story is pretty heavy and we wanted to make it lighter visually so there’s not too much information to process at the same time for a kid and the focal point always remains the voice over and story.
Our primary go-to colors were the brand colors and from there we just played around what would be the best fit for secondary color scheme. We didn't use red because it was disrupting the harmony more than we wanted it. We ended up focusing in on off-white, grey, black and shades of blue and gold.
background score
Since the the story had to be told in such a short amount of time covering all the key points, the final script we developed goes through a lot of emotions. This can’t be covered in a single stock music which why we went with layered approach. After selecting a base track with military snare patterns, we added extra music to compliment emotions wherever needed.
Client: Travis Manion Foundation
Agency: J. Walter Thompson [Atlanta]
Production Company: Roger [Los Angeles]
Executive Creative Director: Doug D'arrigo
Copywriter: Taylor Christmas
Art Director / BG Score Assemble: Dheeraj Govindraju

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