Twitch users are known to expect authenticity and genuineness from their community. They love humor, sarcasm, memes, and also speak their own language with all those things combined. One big thing they're really good at is detecting cringe and brands trying too hard. They have a very low-threshold for it.

We developed a series of budget-friendly :15 spots that associates drinking a Coke with watching their favorite streamers without ad fatigue. We literally give the fans a 'BREAK' so they can take a sip, grab a Coke or simply take a breather. Kind of a like an unexpected intermission. And we produced dozens of them, each weird in their own way, set in a different universe.
Our selection in sound design also found the perfect balance between quirky, soothing and with all the necessary branding cues.
glass bloom
A world of glass and shiny objects that float, bloom, transform, and move in harmony.
A deep deep dive into absolute sensory goodness
Not much to see here. Just a guy made out of Coke b-boying.. completely normal.
morph madness
Things morph into things that morph into things.
coke zoom
It can get real trippy real quick if you're inside a Coke.

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: KO:OP [In-House Agency at The Coca-Cola Company]
Group Director: Heather Bell
Account Director: Beth Gustafson
Executive Creative Director: Alex Russel
Senior Art Director: Alex Morgan
Art Director: Dheeraj Govindraju

Executive Producer: Laura Nichols Rea [Hone Production]

Production Executive Creative Director: PJ Richardson [Laundry]

Sound Designer: Erich Netherton [Company 3]

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