the process
We looked at different aspects about the product like the size, portability, the combination, the time of the year and even the number of times you have to dip in the sauce to have one chicken megabite. We mixed few of them together to come up with a concept that is ‘Just Right’. You don’t need a perfect time or a perfect place because this chicken is designed the perfect size and perfect sauce to go along with it. Inspired by Goldilocks story.
manifesto: JUST RIGHT
On your couch? In your car? Watching the game with friends? Mid day? Mid night? Middle of nowhere? Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, Church’s new chicken tenders are just right. The perfect size for when you’re on the go or pretty much anytime. These tenders are made specifically to be eaten in 2 bites. Because any bigger and they’d be too much effort. Any smaller and you’d be left unsatisfied.
We presented a lot of ways into the concept but ultimately a very silly approach to the concept made it to the final round of execution and finally got produced.
It’s a blue print showing how the chicken specifically designed to be the perfect chicken that could be enjoyed anywhere anytime. Although this was pitched and approved but never got produced due to limited budget.
Client: Church's Chicken
Agency: J. Walter Thompson [Atlanta]
Chief Creative Officer: Vann Graves
Executive Creative Director: Marcos Piccinini & Lucas Heck
Copywriter: Joe Whitlock
Art Director: Dheeraj Govindraju

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